Deep Canyon Coffee: A Tale of Craftsmanship- Fresh Coffee

Deep Canyon Coffee: A Tale of Craftsmanship- Fresh Coffee

by Michael Angstrich

Welcome to Deep Canyon Coffee, where the art of crafting the best and easiest coffee meets a Rich family tradition. We're all about providing you with the finest small batch roasted coffee, meticulously roasted to perfection. If you're looking for fresh coffee, you're in the right place.

Explore our collection of small batch roasted coffee on the Deep Canyon Coffee website.

Our Story

Deep Canyon Coffee was born out of a deep-seated passion for coffee, rooted in a family legacy of exceptional quality. My father, Richard, a true artisan, started roasting coffee in small batches at his cozy coffee shop, Java Bean Plantation. Growing up, I was fortunate to enjoy the fruits of his labor—a cup of coffee that was second to none.

As a coffee enthusiast, I embarked on a quest to find coffee that matched the excellence of my father's brew. My travels took me to coffee shops across the United States, especially in the coffee mecca of Seattle. Sadly, the trend I encountered was strong, bitter coffee with an overreliance on cream and sugar. It became evident that my father's coffee was truly exceptional, and I was determined to share it with the world.

Collaborating with my father, we founded Deep Canyon Coffee, with a focus on quality, simplicity, and an unwavering commitment to preserving the essence of the coffee bean. Visit our website, now managed by our trusted partner, Brit Ebersold, to see the culmination of our dedication to the craft.

The Coffee Renaissance

Back in the day, coffee in most households was just a morning ritual—standard, industrial brands with cream and sugar to mask the mediocre flavor. But then came the '90s, a time when America experienced a coffee renaissance, mirroring global cultural trends. Coffee started to matter, not just for its caffeine kick, but for its origins and preparation methods.

This period saw the rise of iconic coffee shops like Starbucks and the emergence of smaller establishments that championed beans from various regions and distinct roasting techniques. My father, Richard, quietly observed these changes, always valuing quality over trends.

The Art of Roasting

Richard's approach to roasting coffee is a reflection of his calm demeanor and dedication to quality. He started by roasting small batches for a friend's coffee shop, believing that freshly roasted beans would be a customer draw. His equipment produced less than 2 pounds per batch, allowing him an intimate connection with the roasting process. He honed his craft, creating coffee that was smooth, rich, and enjoyable without the need for additives.

When he eventually purchased the shop, he continued his journey of perfecting the art of roasting, adjusting the process like a true artist. Deep Canyon Coffee embodies this commitment to excellence. When you open a bag of our coffee, the aroma of unfiltered freshness envelopes you. Every sip transports you to a world away from the chaos of everyday life, offering a moment of pure indulgence.

Staying True to Our Roots

As the coffee industry evolved, Richard saw little need for drastic changes. What set our coffee apart were two key factors: small batches that provided consistency and a longer roasting process, yielding a depth of flavor without bitterness. We also recognized that the environment during the cooling process could affect the beans' essence, so we roast only what's needed, ensuring freshness.

When we decided to expand our roasting operation, we remained faithful to the process that had served us so well. Today, Deep Canyon Coffee uses a larger capacity roaster while retaining our electric, open-air approach. We continue to roast based on demand, regardless of industry trends.

Our Coffees

Our range of coffees is designed for all-around drinkability. Staying true to our deeply rooted roasting style, our coffee visually leans toward the darker side of medium. It boasts a smooth and silky mouthfeel, with each bean's natural sweetness shining through, free from any bitterness.

We understand that coffee preferences vary widely. Some prefer the nuttiness of a light roast, while others gravitate towards the boldness of a dark roast. Blends also have their place, and we offer some that are sure to please. We encourage you to explore the full spectrum of coffee experiences, and of course, we hope you'll give Deep Canyon Coffee a try.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that we're just another coffee brand. We may not follow industry trends, but our product is born of passion and expertise. Richard has dedicated countless hours to perfecting his craft, ensuring that every cup of Deep Canyon Coffee delivers a truly delightful experience.

Independence and Simplicity

Deep Canyon Coffee is the antithesis of mainstream. We're proudly independent, not big on marketing gimmicks, and our business plan is refreshingly uncomplicated. Our approach to coffee celebrates the beauty of simplicity. We're driven by a passion for exceptional coffee and a desire to share it with everyone.

In conclusion, Deep Canyon Coffee stands as a testament to craftsmanship, quality, and a commitment to excellence. Our growth may continue, but our dedication to providing small batch roasted coffees of the highest caliber will always remain steadfast.

Discover the world of Deep Canyon Coffee today and savor a coffee experience like no other.

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