G-Hook Demonstration

G-Hook Demonstration

Using the supplied web strap with G-Hook,

insert the looped end from the bottom up and through the guide.

Insert the G-Hook through the looped end,

and pull until tight.

Push the G-Hook through the guide on the upper bag,

and secure the G-Hook into the upper tie down point.

After pulling tension on the strap, the excess can then be secured neatly as shown.

Repeat this for each of the four corners.

When you remove the top bag and want to leave the straps attached, the straps can be stored by crossing over the top of the bag as shown.

The supplied straps are an easy way to secure any of the bags in various ways. The G-Hooks are also able to be used with any 1-inch wide web straps, including NRS cam straps. When secured using the G-Hook feature, your uppermost bag remains accessible without undoing or removing the straps.

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